Expected and Achieved Results

On this page you can find the project’s expected and achieved results (deliverables).

Design and synthesis of a range of novel 2D materials using exfoliation in liquid media

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Database on available materials
  2. Theory-identified novel 2D materials
  3. Synthesis of bulk materials
  4. Band gaps of monolayers and multilayers
  5. Production of novel 2D nanosheets
  6. Other properties of monolayers and multilayers

Chemical modification of nanosheets

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Tuneable functionalization of TMDs
  2. Functionalization of 2D materials beyond  TMDs
  3. Formation of discrete assemblies of 2DMs
  4. Second generation of discrete assemblies of 2DMs

Printing and deposition of networks and heterostructures with controlled interfaces

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Ink production/printing
  2. Cross-linking forming networks and heterostructures
  3. Printed heterostructure fabrication
  4. Heterostructures from CVD +printing
  5. Second generation of printed network heterostructures

Characterization of nanosheets, networks and heterostructures

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Characterization of nanosheets, networks and heterostacks built from initially available 2D materials
  2. Characterization of new materials identified through theory
  3. Protocols for new characterization methodologies
  4. Characterization of networks and heterostructures

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Electrical characterization of LPE derived novel materials
  2. Flake to flake contacts improvement
  3. Electrical characterization of films and vertical heterostructures

Proof-of-concept digital devices based on printed networks and heterostructure

Expected / Achieved Results:

  1. Beyond-state-of-the-art allnanosheet TFTs
  2. All-printed, all-nanosheet diodestype devices
  3. Nanosheet-based inverters
  4. Nanosheet-based memory devices

Project progress


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