2D-PRINTABLE new publication

We are happy to announce that our partners from VSCHT have recently published the article titled “High-κ Wide-Gap Layered Dielectric for Two-Dimensional van der Waals Heterostructures” in ACS Nano.

The article presents an easily reproducible synthesis method for the rare-earth oxyhalide LaOBr, exfoliated as a 2D layered material with a measured static dielectric constant of 9 and a wide bandgap of 5.3 eV. The research demonstrated that LaOBr can be used as a high-κ dielectric in van der Waals field-effect transistors with high performance and low interface defect concentrations. Additionally, LaOBr emerges as an attractive choice for electrical gating in excitonic devices based on 2D materials.

Congratulations to VSCHT on this achievement!

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