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University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

Organisation Introduction

Public university with almost 200-year-long tradition and one of the largest Central European educational and research centers performing cutting-edge research focused on chemistry, chemical and biochemical technologies, material and chemical engineering, food science, environmental studies and related disciplines, allocated across 4 faculties. In QS World University Rankings, UCT Prague ranks 4th among Czech universities and 35th in the world in Faculty Student Ratio thanks to individual approach and a natural involvement of students in the research process.  UCT Prague cooperates with over 100 academic institutions from all over the world and is active in industrial R&D, technology transfer and a wide range of projects supported by national and international providers, including the EU.


Prof. Zdenek Sofer research is focused on 2D materials, mainly synthesis and crystal growth of novel 2D materials, their exfoliation, chemical functionalization and applications in electronic, sensors and energy storage systems. Prof. Sofer focus on methods for large scale crystal growth including chemical vapor transport, Bridgeman based techniques and flux growth of various crystals including semiconductors, conductors and dielectric materials. This made ideal partner for 2D-PRINTABLE project.

Involvement in 2D-PRINTABLE

Prof. Sofer group on UCT Prague will participate mainly on development of new 2D materials, characterization of their properties and exfoliation. We will focus on the development and upscaling of 2D materials synthesis in the form of bulk single crystals as well as various nanostructures. Use of different crystal growth including chemical vapor transport, Bridgeman techniques and high temperature flux growth allowed synthesis of broad spectra of 2D materials for printed electronic devices. Excellent experience in the filed of 2D materials chemistry and exfoliation allowed us effective control over material properties. This knowledge is vital for the 2D-PRINTABLE project.

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“The 2D-PRINTABLE project will allowed to develop large scale synthesis method for large palette of new 2D materials covering conductive, semiconductive and insulating materials.”


Main contact: Prof.Dr. Zdeněk Sofer
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