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University of the Bundeswehr Munich

Organisation Introduction

Duesberg group in Universität der Bundeswehr München (English: University of the Bundeswehr Munich) explores hybrid devices with novel materials such as 2D materials. Our research interests span from various nanomaterial growth to their applications, especially 2D material-based sensor technology.


We are excited on the progress on 2D material based devices in particular for sensor applications. Printable devices have multiple opportunities in their integration in for applications. The electronic performance of printed devices needs to be evaluated in comparison with conventional competitive electronic devices. We believe that UniBw M able to contribute towards this end with capabilities.

Involvement in 2D-PRINTABLE

We are experienced in the manufacture, optimisation and testing of electronic materials and devices. We can evaluate the electrical characteristics of individual nanosheets to estimate the contribution of sheet-to-sheet junction resistance after the film printing. Spectroscopy studies support inspections of the quality of printed nanosheet films in network or heterostructure. For we will provide substrate and test beds for the assembly of devices from exfoliated 2D materials.

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“We believe that the 2D-PRINTABLE project suggests an opportunity as a milestone in practical applications of 2D material-based electronics.”


Main contact: Prof.Dr. Georg Düsberg
Email address:

Project progress


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