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BeDimensional S.p.A.

Organisation Introduction

BeDimensional S.p.A. (BeD) is a privately held company which was born in 2016 from the Technological Transfer program of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), inspired by the initiative of leading worldwide researchers in the field of graphene and two-dimensional (2D) materials. The core of our technology is pillared around a patented methodology (wet-jet milling exfoliation) to produce high-quality 2D materials, in both liquid dispersions and powders form. Our R&D and Production teams offer different multidisciplinary skills. Our researchers are specialists in chemistry, physics, material science and engineering, accredited by prominent academic institutions all over the world, and have several years of professional experience in private and public R&D environments. We formulate functional inks and paints for smart coatings containing 2D materials with tunable electrical, thermal and barrier performances set by design. Our ambition is to bring our technologies into industrially relevant, inexpensive, reliable printing/coating processes and create a new portfolio of environmentally friendly inks and paints to yield a new level of smartness to products for electronics and energy storage and conversion applications.


BeD currently works on the development of inks based on 2D materials for various optoelectronic applications and energy storage and conversion systems. Within 2D-PRINTABLE, the exfoliation of novel layered materials by means of liquid-phase exfoliation techniques will offer novel type of functional inks for printed electronics, narrowing the gap between printed and Si-based electronics. For BeD, this is an opportunity to create innovations, cutting-edge solutions and revolutionary materials to lead the growth of digital printed electronics.

Involvement in 2D-PRINTABLE

Based on its know-how, BeD will lead the design and synthesis of a range of novel 2D materials using exfoliation in liquid media. We will also exploit our patented liquid-phase exfoliation technology (patent Nr. WO2017089987A1), namely wet-jet milling exfoliation, to upscale the production of 2D materials up to 1 ton/year scale. Fundamental studies will focus on defect engineering of the 2D materials, aiming at finding correlation between structural properties and functionalities in real digital devices based on printed 2D material heterostructures and networks.

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“2D-PRINTABLE will help us to identify cutting-edge 2D material solutions that will overcome the boundaries of today’s technology, powering the growth of printed digital electronics for a sustainable future.”


Main contact: Dr. Francesco Bonaccorso
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