2D-PRINTABLE Kick-off Meeting in Strasbourg

We’re pleased to announce the kick-off meeting for the 2D-PRINTABLE project was successfully held in Strasbourg on January 24-25, 2024, hosted by one of our partners – UNISTRA. The consortium brought together experts in the field dedicated to advancing the production methodologies of next-generation printed electronic devices.

The meeting started with a brief introduction of all the consortium partners, followed by a presentation of the research foundation that will enable the achievement of the 2D-PRINTABLE set objectives. The research presented sparked many interesting questions and led to valuable insights into the project. Leaders of each work package clarified research plans and strategies, providing clarity on the path forward. Throughout the meeting, partners had the opportunity to align their visions, discuss the roadmap to achieving objectives, and chart a course for success.

The meeting was a great opportunity for the entire consortium to meet in person and build strong relationships. All the members left the meeting feeling inspired and ready to explore cutting-edge techniques and methodologies to harness the full potential of 2D materials in scalable and sustainable ways

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