2D-PRINTABLE first article published!

We are pleased to announce that the first article under the 2D-PRINTABLE project has been published by TCD, titled “Understanding How Junction Resistances Impact the Conduction Mechanism in Nano-Networks”. This research, published in Nature Communications, presents a model for electrical conduction in networks of 1D or 2D nanomaterials, enabling the extraction of junction and nanoparticle resistances from p  article-size-dependent DC network resistivity data. The study reveals that junction resistances in porous networks scale with nanoparticle resistivity, ranging from 5 Ω for silver nanosheets to 24 GΩ for WS₂ nanosheets. Impedance data directly link the high mobility of aligned networks of electrochemically exfoliated MoS₂ nanosheets to low junction resistances. Additionally, temperature-dependent impedance measurements provide insights into transport mechanisms within the network, allowing a quantitative distinction between intra-nanosheet phonon-limited bandlike transport and inter-nanosheet hopping.

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