Database on available materials ready & available on Zenodo

2D-PRINTABLE has made a significant stride forward by completing the database of exfoliable three-dimensional (3D) layered materials and the corresponding two-dimensional (2D) materials produced by project partners by means of various exfoliation methods in liquid media, including liquid-phase exfoliation method (LPE), electrochemical exfoliation (EE) and chemical exfoliation (CE).
Exfoliable 3D layered materials are those synthesized and currently available at VSCHT facilities, while LPE-produced 2D materials are those produced by BeD, UKa, TCD, TUD and VSCHT. The database includes the main specifications for exfoliable 3D layered materials, including their (physical) form (e.g., powder/crystal and corresponding dimension), stoichiometry and doping, as well as the material amount that can be supplied within the consortium. For 2D materials, the database reports the references to public documents (e.g., papers in international peer-reviewed journals or public repositories) showing material characterizations.

The full report is available on zenodo (, listing and explaining the information given in the database, as well as providing the instruction to report such information correctly and to name the .ppt files with unpublished characterization of the materials.

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